Frequently Asked Hosting Questions

What are the most common errors and how do I deal with them?

One of the most common errors is "500 Internal Error".

The chances are that you will experience it many times. The worst thing about it, is that it doesn't actually tell you what's wrong with the script. It only tells you that something isn't right. There are several possibilities that make up 99% of this error. Here they are:

* Incorrect path to PERL. See the next question for more information
* Syntax error. Check to see if you didn't accidentally delete a command or a word that the instructions didn't tell you to.
* Incorrect CHMOD command. Make sure that you chmod the file exactly as the instructions say. Most of the time it will be either 755 or 777 (not always!). You can also get an "Access Denied" error, if you didn't chmod the file or a directory correctly.

Basically, 500 Internal Error and Access Denied are 99% of errors you'll experience. And 99% of the causes of the error, will be one of the above.

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