Frequently Asked Hosting Questions

Creating your own design

Creating your website takes five simple steps:

1: select a category
Template sets are organised by category. Select the category most relevant to your business / organization.

2: select a template
Click the template design that you want to use. If you change your mind, just click the back button and select again.

If there are more than six templates in the template set, you can view the other templates by following the More Designs links at the bottom of the page.

3: select color and image
Most templates allow you to select a color scheme and photo. If the template selected does have variable color schemes and images, you will be able to select them from drop-down lists above the template preview image.

When you are happy with the color/photo, click next to proceed.

4: title and slogan
Enter the text headers to be embedded in the template graphics.

5: preview website
Look at the sample templated page generated. If you're happy, accept design, otherwise choose again and start from the beginning.

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