Frequently Asked Hosting Questions


As part of your hosting package, you may create up to 5 databases. Bear in mind that applications such as chat and bulletin boards may need a database to run. You can order more databases if needed.

Use this section to set up databases and users. Afterwards, you can administer your databases in full through PHPMyAdmin.

Clicking Edit next to a database allows you to set access permissions for all users on that database.

Clicking Edit next to a user allows you to set access permissions for all databases by that user.

In either case, you can define whether a user can use the following functions in the database.

Select: Retrieve records from the database
Insert: Insert records into the database
Update: Update existing records in the database
Delete Delete existing records in the database
Create Create new tables in the database
Drop Delete tables in the database
Index Create indices within in the database
Alter Change structure of tables in the database

We provide database administration through PHP MyAdmin, a popular database management system. Once you have created your databases, you can use PHPMyAdmin to administer them.

For more information, please read the PHPMyAdmin documentation.

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