Frequently Asked Hosting Questions

FTP Manager

When your account is set up, you automatically have FTP access through (where 'username' is your account username and domain is - err, can you guess?:).

But, you may want to allow other users to have FTP access to your site. In the FTP Manager, you can add a new username and password, and set the user's home directory - or amend password and/or home directory for existing users.

FTP administration is split into two sections:

- User Management
- Anonymous FTP

User Management
Adding, removing and editing private users.

Home Directory
This is the directory the user sees when they log in through FTP. Why would you want to change this? Well, every user you set up has full read/write access (read, change, and delete!) to all files in that directory and in any directories within. For security, you may want to restrict the directories a user has access to.

For example, if you want to allow a user to have access to your news page (to edit, update, etc.) and the news page is here:


You may want to set their home directory to:


Of course, they can access any other file in this directory as well. This may not be an issue for you, but you should always be aware of how much access you are giving to users when you set them up.

Changing Users' Passwords
Enter the new password(s) and click Update. If you leave a password field empty, the existing password will not change.

Anonymous FTP
Allow users to access your /public_ftp directory through the username (replace '' with your own domain :)

If you enable file upload, any user can log in anonymously and upload files to your /public_ftp/incoming directory.

Welcome Message
When anonymous users login, they see the welcome message, if you set it. It's a useful place to put instructions, suggestions on etiquette etc.

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