Frequently Asked Hosting Questions

Password Protection

Use the password protect section to add .htaccess password protection to directories within your website.

To password protect a directory:

select the directory you wish to protect
click the password protect button
enter a descriptive name for the area - it's presented to the user when they first try to access the area
enter some usernames and passwords - if you need more than five users, you can add them afterwards
click the add users button
The directory is now password protected.

editing an existing password directory
When you select the directory you wish to edit, you can:

rename the protected area
change an existing user's password
delete an existing user
add a new user
remove password protection from that directory
a small warning

If you password protect a directory, and then decide to password protect a 'parent' directory, the password protection for the child directory will be removed. This is because the browser can only send one username/password combination at a time.

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