Frequently Asked Hosting Questions

Error Pages

For each of the common errors that can occur when serving web pages, there are two ways that you can deal with the error:

show the default error page
redirect user to another internal/external error page
When your account is set up, default error pages are installed. These ensure that users see a professional error message if an error occurs.

But you'll probably want to design your own - or amend the existing pages - to fit in with your site.

editing the default error pages
Click the edit button for the page you wish to amend. Make changes to the page and click the submit button to set changes.

specifying another page to use as the error page
If the page is within your website, enter the web browser path to the document. eg, if the document is at:

If the page is on another domain, enter the full URL:
Click the update url button for your change to take effect.

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