Frequently Asked Hosting Questions

How do I upload or transfer my files using FrontPage 2002 (XP) - Restoring from Remote Location?

Step 1:
If for some reason your frontpage files become lost or damaged, but there is a good copy on the server, you can import it to your hard drive. Open Frontpage and click File and choose Open Web.

Step 2:
In the Web name field, type in your http address. (http:// followed by your domain name) Then click Open.

Step 3:
Type in your username and password and click OK.

Step 4:
Click on your Index File and choose Open.

Step 5:
Once the Index file is open, click on File and choose Publish Web.

Step 6:
For the Enter Publish Destination field, click Browse.

Step 7:
Select the local hard drive folder you would like to publish to (restore files to). Then click Open.

Step 8:
For the Publish Destination window, click OK.

Step 9:
Frontpage will notify you that a web does not exist. Click OK to create one.

Step 10:
Click the Publish button.

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