Frequently Asked Hosting Questions

How do I upload or transfer my files using MS Publisher 2003?

Step 1:
Open your publisher website document and go to File and choose Publish to the Web.

Step 2:
In the Save In drop down, choose FTP Locations.

Step 3:
Double-Click Add/Modify FTP Locations.

Step 4:
Type For Log on as, choose User and type your username. Also type your password and click on the Add button.

Step 5:
Your site will now appear in the list of FTP sites. Click OK.

Step 6:
Now select the FTP site you just created and click Open.

Step 7:
This will connect you to the ftp server. Double-click public_html to open that folder.

Step 8:
Make sure the File name is set to index.html. Now that we are in public_html, click Save.

Step 9:
Publisher 2003 will upload all your files to the public_html folder. When you go to your website, your files should be there.

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