Frequently Asked Hosting Questions

Can a domain name be transfered?

You can transfer an existing domain name to BlueFish. Simply select the transfer option when placing your order through the on-line order form.

Once your account is setup, we will provide you with the DNS information so that you can contact your registrar and initiate the transfer of your domain name over to our servers. This process takes about 24/48 hours.

You will also receive FTP access to upload your files to the server. You should keep the service at the present site while waiting for your registrar to complete the transfer.

Additionally, to avoid any downtime of your website, it is a good idea to FTP website to your temporary BlueFish account while you are awaiting your domain to point (transfer) to BlueFish servers.

Once the domain switched over to BlueFish your account will automatically be online and seen by everyone on the Internet if your files are within your new account already.

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