Frequently Asked Hosting Questions


Am I the owner of the new domain name you register when I sign up?Am I transfering ownership of my domain to BlueFish?Are there any hidden fees?Are there any limitations on how many times I can access my account?Are you able to support webpages designed through Macromedia Dreamweaver?Can a domain name be transfered?Can I access my account before my domain name registered or transfered?Can I send mass email using your email servers?Can I use more than one domain per account?Do I have to transfer my domain name to BlueFish?Do you have any scripts available for customers to use?Do you host adult-oriented or adult content sites?Do you include web site stats or statistics?Do you offer email forwarding?Do you offer telnet or SSH access?Do you place advertisements on my site like banners or popups?Do you provide a catch-all Email Address?Do you provide log file access?Do you support Microsoft® Office FrontPage Extensions?Do you support multimedia audio and video streaming?Do your mail servers support mail forwarding?Does BlueFish support SSI - Server Side Includes?How do I transfer to BlueFish from another hosting company?How long does the set up process take?How many email accounts do we receive?How many MySQL databases are allowed?How many sites per server do you host?How much data transfer of bandwidth do I receive?How much disk space do I receive?I setup my website yesterday. Why can't I access it?I'm getting file not found or no such directory error?My Domain has Expired, or Will Be Expired Within 5 Days - Can I Still Transfer My Domain to BlueFish?What is BlueFish's connection to the Internet?What servers do you use?What version of MySQL are you using?What version of Perl is included?What version of PHP are you running?Where are your servers located?

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