Email - Calypso 3.3 - Adding an Account
Open Calypso and click the Create New Mailbox button.

Click Next on the Information Screen that pops up.

Type in any Name to identify the mailbox and click Next.

You can skip the require pw for mailbox screen and click Next.

Check the box to make Calypso your default mail client. Or you can choose not to. In any case, click next to continue.

Enter any name of the email account where specified. In the real name box type your real name. In the email address box type your full email address. Click next.

Choose POP3 as the type of mail server. For user ID type your full email address. For the name of the incoming mail server use

Type in the password for the mail account. Select Remember Password and click Next.

Choose the option to either delete mail off the server when downloaded or to keep a copy. Note, keeping a copy may render the mailbox full is not emptied on a regular basis. Click Next to continue.

Type in the name of the SMTP server and click Next. Note: If you cannot connect to the smtp server, your ISP may be blocking port 25 from 3rd party use. Contact your ISP if this occurs.

Click Finish. You have successfully set up Calypso for email.

and click

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