vDeck - Web Builder - Inserting - Images
Log into vDeck and click on Web Builder.

Click on Edit Pages.

Click the edit (pencil with paper) icon next to the page you want to edit.

Click the Insert Image icon.

The Insert Image Dialog will appear. Leave the Directory at the slash (/), this is your public_html folder.

Next to the upload field, click Browse.

Select a file from your hard drive that you would like to upload. Click Open.

The path to the file will be shown in the Upload field. Click Upload.

There is no progress indicator when uploading, but you can move your mouse over the standard GIF icon to see if your file is there. Once you find it, click it. Note: Uploading JPGs shows a thumbnail.

When you click the image, the path will be shown in the Image File field. Click OK.

Your image will now be inserted into your page. You can click Save Changes to save your changes.

and click

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