File Transfer - Dos FTP - Connecting and Uploading through MS-DOS Prompt
Sometimes you may want to connect using the command line. To do so, open the command line and type: (ftp Do not type the paranthesis.

Type in your username and press enter.

Type in your password and press enter. Your password will not be displayed as you type.

Once logged in, you will see the ftp prompt.

Type (cd public_html) and press enter. Be sure to not type the paranthesis.

Before we can upload files, we must specify the local directory where your files are. Type (lcd local directory) and press enter. Again, without the paranthesis. Example: (lcd c:\\foldername)

Type (put filename.ext) and press enter. Do not type the paranthesis. The filename you specified will be uploaded. ext is the last 3 letters of a filename.

and click

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