File Transfer - Dreamweaver - Version MX - Connecting and Uploading
Open DreamWeaver MX. Click on Site and choose New Site.

Click on the Advanced Tab. For site name, enter a phrase that describes your site. Dreamweaver will choose a local root folder for you. Also, enter your HTTP address and click on the Remote Info category.

Change Access to FTP. Then enter your FTP Host which is your domain name. For Host Directory please type in public_html. Then enter your login name and password.

Still on the same screen, place a check in Automatically upload files to the server on save.

Click on the connect to remote site button.

Make sure the second drop down reads Remote View. You will see a list of files in your public_html folder.

DoubleClick any file, edit it, and choose save. Dreamweaver will automatically update it on the server.

Should you ever add images or other files that need to be upload, select local view from the site drop down.

Select the files that need uploading and click the PUT button (up arrow).

and click

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