File Transfer - Mozilla FireFTP - FireFtp 0.86.2 (Beta)
If you have FireFTP Installed into Mozilla FireFox, go to Tools and choose FireFTP.

Type in the host address to connect to (your domain name) and your username.

Also type in your password and click Connect.

You will see a message indicating that you have logged in. Click OK.

The left pane shows files on your hard drive. The right pane shows files on the server you connected to. Double-click the public_html folder to open it.

In the left pane (which is your hard drive), navigate to the folder that contains your website files. Select the files to upload and click the Right Arrow. The right arrow uploads selected files.

You will notice that the file that was on the hard drive is also now showing under the server files listing to the right. The file has been uploaded.

and click

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