vDeck - Settings - GNUPG - Importing Keys into vDeck
It is required that you use WinPT for a majority of these steps. Open WinFTP. Click Yes to continue if you see an error.

Choose "Have WinPT to generate a keypair" and click OK.

Type in a username, some comments, your email address, and a passphrase. Click Start.

This will generate keys and notify you when completed. Click OK when you see the notification.

You will be asked to backup your key rings. It is STRONGLY recommended that you do. But for purposes of this tutorial, we will skip this part and continue as if we clicked No.

You will see the Key we just generated. Right-click it and choose Copy Key to Clipboard.

Log into vDeck and click Settings.

Click GNUPG.

Click the import existing keys link.

Paste the key into the box provided. Click Import Key.

You will be notified that the Key was added to the keyring. Click List Keyrings.

You will see the public keys imported in vDeck.

and click

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