File Transfer - FrontPage - Version 2002 (xp) - Restoring from Remote Location
If for some reason your frontpage files become lost or damaged, but there is a good copy on the server, you can import it to your hard drive. Open Frontpage and click File and choose Open Web.

In the Web name field, type in your http address. (http:// followed by your domain name) Then click Open.

Type in your username and password and click OK.

Click on your Index File and choose Open.

Once the Index file is open, click on File and choose Publish Web.

For the Enter Publish Destination field, click Browse.

Select the local hard drive folder you would like to publish to (restore files to). Then click Open.

For the Publish Destination window, click OK.

Frontpage will notify you that a web does not exist. Click OK to create one.

Click the Publish button.

Frontpage will let you know that the Website has been published successfully.

Your entire frontpage site is now restored to your hard drive.

and click

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