File Transfer - GoLive - Version CS - Connecting and Uploading
Open Adobe GoLive CS and click Edit in the file menu and choose Server.

Click the New button and begin inputting the requested info. For server type, enter your domainname without any WWWs. Type in public_html for directory.

Type in your username and password. Also check the (Use Passive Mode) option. Click OK.

Open the site you have been working on. Under the Publish Server Tab, right-click and choose Settings.

Click on the Add button under the Publish Server Category to add an FTP Server to this site.

Select the FTP Server we created earlier and click OK.

Click OK to close out of the settings.

You will now see a disconnected message. Right-click in any white empty area under the Publish Server tab and choose Connect.

You will now be connected to the FTP Site. Right-Click in any white area under public_server and choose Upload All. This will upload all your changes.

and click

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