File Transfer - Publisher - Version 2002 (xp) - Uploading Files
Open your publisher website document and go to File and choose Save as Web Page.

Change Save In to your C: Drive.

Click the Create New Folder button.

Name the folder myfiles. Click OK.

Now you will be in the myfiles folder on the C drive. For file name, type index.html and click Save.

Publisher has now saved all of your website files to the myfiles folder on the C drive.

Keep the myfiles folder open, and then open Internet Explorer. In the address bar, type Of course, replace this info with your username and domain name. Press Enter.

Internet Explorer will connect to your FTP location. Double-click the public_html folder.

Now place the myfiles folder and the internet explorer window side to side. Select all the files in the my files folder and drag them and drop them into the internet explorer window.

Your files will be uploaded to the public_html folder. When you go to your site, you should see your webpage.

and click

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