File Transfer - WS_FTP - Version 8.x Pro - Configuring Your Site
Before you can upload your files, you should configure your account inside WSFTP. Open WSFTP 8.x. Click File in the file menu and choose Connect.

Click the (Create Site) button. It is located in the right portion of the Assistance Center window.

Type a name for the account we are adding. This can be anything. Click Next.

Type your for the host address. Basically type in your domain name without the www. Click Next.

Enter your username and password. You can check the Save Password option if you would like. Uncheck the Save Account option (we do not use account) and click Next.

For Server Type, choose FTP. The port should be set at 21. Click Next.

For host type, select Automatic Detect. Check the Passive Mode option and click Finish.

You will now see the site listed in the Assistance Center. We are not done yet. Click the site to select it and then click Edit.

In the Edit Options, click the Startup category. Type public_html for the remote site folder. Then click OK.

Now we have finished configuring your account inside the program. To connect, select the account we added and click Connect.

Once connected, you will see the files under the public_html folder. This is where your web content needs to be.

and click

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