vDeck - Power Plugins - PayPal Cart - Installing and Adding a Link in WebBuilder
Log into vDeck and click on eCommerce.

Click on PayPal Cart.

Enter your paypal email address and click update PayPal email.

Type in a name for product groups. This is basically a category name for your items. Click Add.

On the next page, choose a layout option and type the name of the first product and the product code. The code can be anything or you can leave it blank.

On the same page, enter the price of the item along with a description. Then choose the products image using the browse button. Click Update.

You will see the image next to the product and now you have the option to add another product.

Scroll down and click on how to use.

Select the code shown. Right click on the code and select Copy.

When you add the code to your site, you will see your items listed for purchase. Please direct all PayPal related questions to www.paypal.com.

and click

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